Why I Like The Robot Over The Fruit.

As an early adopter of the Android platform (I’ve owned very first Google Branded Phone – the Nexus One) and an avid one at that (Since then I’ve owned the HTC Desire HD, the HTC Sensation and now the HTC One X), it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I have a thing for the Android platform. But don’t get all presumptuous and write me off as a Fandroid and an Apple Hater yet. I also own a Mac Book Pro (The latest iteration before the Retina Display ones kicked in) an iPod Touch and an iPad 2.

With all the Apple products I have in my life, you’re probably asking yourselves, Why in God’s name is this fella not using an iPhone! Well, it’s a personal thing and I’m not here to debate on whether Apple or Android is better. There are plenty of forums and articles bashing either platform, and clearly each side has some great arguments.

I’m here to point out why I personally feel Android has done more good for the smartphone universe than it’s elite predecessing counterpart.

Provide an OS platofrm that can be used across varying hardware
The Android OS was designed such that it could be ported to a multitude of hardware devices. You’ve probably seen numerous phones runing this OS, but did you know that this is also being used across digital cameras, TV Media hubs and even refrigerators! Yea, that’s the brilliance of the open source code of Android. Developers and tech enthusiasts have tweaked the source code in ways that let it be conveniently ported from one device to another bringing rich features to all sorts of consumer devices.

Open source allows robust community to provide further customizations and tweaks
If you own an Android phone and are a regular on the various forums, you’ve probably heard of Cyanogenmod. Like them, there are various other groups that develope and support custom ROMs and other tweaks that can be “flashed” to your android device to give you even more bang for your buck. Stable ROMs have known to provide

  • Faster CPU clockspeeds
  • Enhanced customization options
  • Latest OS updates (really useful if you’re using a non nexus device)
  • And loads more…

A touch smartphone for every one at different price points
Touch Smartphones owners were an exclusive lot. Well considering that for a long time the iPhone was probably the only true touch smartphone, and was insanely expensive for consumers in countries like India, the number of folks that owned one was very low. With Android, manufacturers were able to create low-cost handsets that could run the OS and provide all (well almost) of the features that a smartphone offers. Look at any major player, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony and even Motorola and you’ll find an exhaustive inventory of budget smartphones running the Android OS.

Deep Integration with Google Services
This one needs no explanation at all. As an Android user, you get a SSO experience across all Google products. And yes, cloud syncing of contacts, calendar and tasks as well as OTA wireless updates of Apps and OS was first introduced by Android as early as 2010.

Despite the numerous features that Android has to offer an a platform, it’s sad that most iPhone users refuse to accept the fact that their phone isn’t the epitome of class and technology and have this blind hatred for the Android platform and the phones that use them. Most of them haven’t even used one in ages and are oblivious to the feature rich platform that is Android.

Refinement alone cannot carry a product forward. After a point, features do become a crucial variable in the equation.

So, well I lied. I mentioned this would not be one of those posts that would not decide which mobile OS platform is better. Unfortunately, it seems that’s exactly what this turned out to be! Ah well, the facts are here for you to read and comment. So let me know your thoughts.

Till then, Android #FTW

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