In the Valley of Elah

Today’s post is pretty close to my heart because it reminds me of the age old biblical tale of David and Goliath.

Mihir Modi, a friend I’ve known since college, recently did something that really made me privileged about my firend circle.

A marketing executive by profession, Mihir is always on the move on account of work. And he doesn’t keep you out of the loop since you can always track him down with his Shashi Tharoor like Geo-tagged tweets.

His latest tour is that of the city of Bangalore. He left for the Indian Silicon Valley sometime after Diwali, this week. Well that’s not the interesting portion about him, well at least not the portion I am trying to highlight at least.

On October 22nd 2009, Mihir not only caught two cops red-handed while they were accepting a “hafta” but made it a point to report the crime while bringing it to the attention of passersby.

In a time where the “chalta-hai” attitude has become second-skin to most of us, this young man chose to stand up for the truth and did his bit as an alert citizen. I am sure most of us, perhaps even me, would have turned a blind eye to the deed or even worse, given it no second thought.

So why I am tooting about his bravery in my blog. Well, Mihir’s actions serve as a reminder to all of us, including me, that truth and justice do prevail, but it takes courage on our part to see them through.

Let us not forget it is the puny David, and not the gigantic Goliath, whose praises echo in the corridors of time. Mihir truly personifies the David the world needs today!

Here’s hoping that his story inspires us all!

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