Angels & Demons

The professor of religious iconology and symbology, Dr. Robert Langdon is back to save the day! And this time around the stakes are higher as he tries to stop the unscrupulous Illuminati from destroying The Vatican.

Based on the book by Dan Brown, “Angels & Demons” is a sequel to the 2006 film “The Davinci Code“, also adapted from Brown’s book of the same name. However the narrative of this story is a prequel to the latter.

Academy award winning Director, Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon ), who directed the 2006 prequel, once again gets behind the camera to bring the book to the silver screen. Also returning, is the critically acclaimed star who portrayed the character in the previous movie, Tom Hanks (Philadelphia, Castaway, Sleepless In Seattle). Joining the big names in this movie are Ewan McGregor (A Life Less Ordinary, Moulin Rouge, The Island) and Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (Vantage Point,Munich).

Although the movie has altered many plot elements and characters from the book, the celluloid treatment remains quite faithful to the original book. Viewers will enjoy the movie for it’s take on the controversial debate of science versus religion in true Dan Brown style. However critics have panned Howard for being repetitive in his choice of material. Tom Hanks sports a better look in this movie as compared to the last one and seems more comfortable with the character than before. Although McGregor might just steal the show with his performance!

Despite mixed reviews by viewers and critics alike the movie has managed to claim the top spot at Box Offices across the globe in it’s opening weekend. Grossing over $261 million worldwide, on a budget of $150 million, the movie has definitely proven to be a box-office success!

Wonder if producers might consider turning other literary works of Brown into block-buster movies!

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