Movie Review-Sunday

After the rib-tickling comedy, Golmaal, Rohit Shetty gives us a suspense-comedy in the guise of Sunday. Sehar(a rather voluptuous Ayesha Takia) is a dubbing artist who seems to have a weak memory and somehow can’t remember one day in her life, yes you guessed it happens to be a Sunday. What ensues is an array of incidents and characters that try and fill in the gaps for our damsel in distress. Prime among them is the love-bitten corrupt cop (Ajay Devgan), a struggling actor (Irfann Khan) and a street-wise cabbie (Arshad Warsi)
The basic premise of the movie is of course the search for the truth and the screenplay engages the audience in this quest along with the on-screen characters. This is a hallmark for any good suspense flick and Shetty does a great job in that department. In many scenes, Shetty places in the camera at interesting angles, which adds a certain quality. Shetty also has a good eye for action, which is evident from the cinematic chase and hand-to hand combat sequences in the movie. My favourite one is the chase sequence atop the roofs of Chandni Chowk.
The humor in the movie is mostly thanks to Arshad Warshi and Vrajesh Hirjee (who plays a Souht Indian Karate expert!!!). Irfann Khan’s contribution to the comedy scenes may seem deadpan to the untrained eye, but it is in fact his trademark style, which is in fact brilliant. Devgan’s attempts to make you break into a laugh are not always successful but are quite noble.
Barring the background score and two item numbers (one by Tushar Kapoor and the other by Esha Deol) the music score of the movie is nothing extra-ordinary.
Golmaal falls under a new genre of movies that is fast turning into a financial bankable venture. With Bhool Bhulaiyaa making it big in the previous year, more and more movies are wiling to cash in on the Suspense-Comedy genre.
Although the climax and the suspense are lacklustre, the overall movie is a good experience and easily falls into the category of ‘Paisa Vassol’ flicks. Don’t expect award winning performances or other similar moments. Sunday is a typical entertainer which should be viewed for its smart comedy and even smarter suspense plot. My rating – *** stars.

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