My Views On Suicide Squad


DC and WB are trying hard to appease the fans. So hard that they maybe alienating the fans that truly did appreciate the darker take on the Superhero genre they started. Succumbing to the criticism that both previous DCEU movies (Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice) were too dark for audiences, the studio execs commissioned reshoots to Suicide Squad in an effort to lighten the tone and make it a tad more action packed. It seems that their gamble may not have paid off as expected. Critics review of the latest DCEU flick are anything but positive and with future projects from rival studios already making the movie yesterday’s news, Suicide Squad is not really delivering what the bigwigs possibly hoped.

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My thoughts on Jurassic World

In the summer of 1993, as children, we were wowed by Steven Spielberg’s cinematic adaptation of Michael Crichton’s book about dinosaurs running amok on an island. Fast forward 22 years, as adults we are still excited to witness pretty much the same thing on a larger scale in the visual spectacle that is Jurassic World.


Set 22 years since the events of the first movie, (the movie completely ignores the events of JP2 and the horrible JP3), this movie starts with the audiences being introduced to the fully operational and quite profitable dinosaur amusement park that is Jurassic World. Continue reading

Avengers Age Of Ultron

My thoughts on Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Marvel Studios  is an unstoppable behemoth. Ever since the 2008 Iron Man movie, the studio has been churning out movies (and now TV series) to expand and evolve the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spread across three phases, this is possibly the most well planned and profitable movie franchise in movie history
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NH10 – Good. Not Great.

Anushka-Sharma-NH10-movie-first-look-posters-2NH10 is, as the name suggests, a road movie. Most Road movies tend to be thrillers with the fear element being introduced in the form of deranged cannibalistic hillbillies, sadistic motel owners, terrifying apparitions or a combination of all of the above and then some.

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Another Book Read – The Great Gatsby

The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll admit the only reason I picked up this book to read was after watching the ostentatious movie adaptation by Baz Luhrmann. The story set in a continent in an era which isn’t very familiar to me did put me off initially. However I’m glad I decided to read this classic after all.

The first person narrative is without a doubt the highlight of this book with Nick Carraway’s observation forming the entirety of the story telling. The book is as much as about Carraway as it is about Gatsby.

Through Nick we traverse the diverse landscape of America from the mundane and boring Mid-West to the Ultra Jazzy and exciting East. His daily routine describes how Americans lived during the age of excess – long commutes from lavish country homes to the boisterous metropolis of New York working in high paying Wall Street jobs. His extended family, viz his cousin’s lifestyle provides a glimpse of how old money lived and how new money – Gatsby, was looked down upon by them.

The book isn’t just about the humans but also about their environment. It’s a great insight into the heart of a country that was just coming out of a world war and reaping the rewards of victory. The contrast of the Long Island landscape against that of Manhattan as well as the purgatory-like region in between is brilliant.

This book was written at a time when language and prose meant something. When the use of fancy words was not a fad but the norm. Reading this book is a delight for those who enjoy such rich prose albeit it can get a tad confusing and a re-read is called for. It’s no wonder this classic is a staple for most middle and high school reading courses.

If you enjoy good writing, simple stories but rich complex interpretations of text, this is your book. At 180 pages it’s an absolute quick read.

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