My Thoughts On Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Sequels are always tricky. Especially when you haven’t planned for them during the first movie. So when a Part 2 of any story is a success, it’s a BIG thing. Especially in the Indian movie industry. Thankfully, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a resounding success. Despite being a sequel, it does not feel inferior to its predecessor in any manner. In fact, in many ways it is a far more entertaining flick than the previous one. Continue reading

After All…

Ryan was looking into the mirror. He looked great in the black suit. He wanted to look his best.
After all, Ryan was 
headed out on a date to the best restaurant in town.

He got into his car and drove to the main driveway. He looked around to check if there were any oncoming vehicles.
After all, Ryan was the most cautious man in town.

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The Relationship

Adam decided that it was time to end the relationship. His wife of 15 years, Sarah, was no longer the woman he had fallen in love with all those years ago. She had changed.

Adam planned it for a while now. He knew it wouldn’t be easy. Kids. Mortgage. Debts. It would be an arduous process splitting it all down the middle.

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The Ring

It had been over a year since Abhishek saw his girl friend, Divya. They were college sweethearts. They’s been together for over seven years now. But neither had told their families about the other.

He was away from home on account of work. He had left their hometown of Bombay to secure a better paying job in Singapore. The decision was one that they both accepted grudgingly. But it was one that would secure their financial futures, they thought.

Although they didn’t realize it, the separation took its toll on their relationship. At first they kept in touch via frequent phone calls and web chats. But time differences and work caused their daily interactions to reduce to weekly ones until finally it became a monthly affair. It had been over two months since they last spoke to each other.

But all that wasn’t going to matter today. Today Abhishek was going to give a fantastic surprise to the love of his life. He had flown in from Singapore to Bombay to be with Divya to celebrate the anniversary of the day he gave her an engagement ring, professing his undying love to her. It wasn’t a very extravagant one. He was a lowly engineer. He couldnt’t afford anything more than a single diamond ring. It had cost him two months salary, but it was a modest wedding band.

His plan was simple, walk up to her apartment with a bouquet of red roses and see the look on Divya’s face as she saw him at the doorway. It was a simple plan. But he knew it would be one that would sweep her off her feet.

He rang the door bell and waited with baited breath. He was anxious as well. The door opened and he saw Divya. She was even more beautiful than he last remembered. Divya seemed distressed on seeing him. Abhishek hadn’t expected this look but was delighted to see her anyway. He extended his arms to give her the bouquet. She extended her’s to accept it grudgingly.

That’s when Abhishek noticed it. Her ring finger sported a Solitaire ring. A bright and shiny single piece diamond sat atop a pure platinum band. That wasn’t the ring he had given her. It was another. Divya’s parents had gotten her engaged to be married to another.