Kylo Ren Is Good

With the latest villain in the new Star Wars movie revealed and parodied across The Internet, I felt the need to voice my opinion on the matter.

Personally I think Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren is an excellent antagonist to kick start the new Star Wars Trilogy. In many ways his inner conflict is reminiscent to that of his maternal grandfather, Anakin Skywalker.


People forget that before Vader was the bad ass no nonsense dark lord he was a Jedi in training filled with teenage angst. Ren exhibited those angsty emotions when he took off that mask. In a way the mask helps these characters hide the emotion that would otherwise betray their true feelings.

Abrams was wise in using the tried and tested format of the earlier trilogy to initiate the new series. Story elements of  The Force Awakens are eerily similar to those of A New Hope. However combining the character development of the new trilogy with the plot elements of the original was a stroke off genius in my opinion.

The cause for Ben Solo’s turn to the dark side should make for some interesting story telling in the next chapter(s) of the trilogy. I sincerely hope his downfall mirrors that of his grand father. That would bring the saga full circle.

Although it would make for an even more engaging character development should Ren turn out to be truly evil at the end of the new trilogy and end up replacing the enigmatic Sith Lord Snoke. Unlike Vader who ultimately does return to the light side of the force.

Whatever direction the new trilogy takes, I am surely going to enjoy it nonetheless.

Till next time, May The Force Be With You.


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