The Toy

Simon liked his new toy. He played with it every time his parents left him alone. Today the toy seemed to be not working in the usual manner. It kept malfunctioning and jerking.

Simon was cross. He wanted to play with the toy. He wondered what could he do to make it work like before.

He remembered seeing his father bang his fancy electronic gizmos on the ground whenever they did not work. Simon thought that might work for the toy as well. He lifted the toy and began banging it on the floor.

Gently at first, then a little harder he kept on banging till the toy stopped moving erratically. A strange liquid seeped through some portions of the toy. Simon decided his parents would wipe away the mess later.

After a minute of banging, the toy stopped malfunctioning and became still, just like Simon wanted. Simon smiled and began playing with the toy just like before.

All the banging causes a ruckus in the house. Simon’s parents walked into the room. They froze in their steps as they saw what Simon had done. Simon’s mother shrieked and fell to her knees.

Simon’s baby brother was lying in a pool of blood, lifeless.


2 thoughts on “The Toy

    • NeoAaragorn says:

      Thanks for the read and comment Garima. Yes I was afraid that some folks may sense the ending if they shared my thought process. Nonetheless I am glad you enjoyed the story 😀


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