The Delicacy

Disclaimer: The idea for this particular short story came around the time the ban on beef in the state of Maharashtra came into effect and became a trending topic on social media.

His tastebuds had not known such flavour. The meat – tender. The marinade – sublime. The grill – perfection. The gravy – phenomenonal.

Ever since the national ban on beef, Adnan was dying to satisfy his carnivore cravings. Upon discovering about Ibrahim’s secret restaurant, Adnan made plans to head there late one night and gorge on some delicious meats.

The restaurant was in the interiors of a complex maze of alleys and streets in a rather shabby part of town. Adnan didn’t care about the exteriors and entrance of this restaurant as long as he was enjoying this delicious cut of meat.

Adnan asked for another serving. He did not care about the cost. He simply wanted to indulge his tastebuds and his appetite.

Still licking his fingers and focussed on the meat, Adnan asked, “How did you manage to smuggle in such delicious cuts of meat?”

Ibrahim said, almost in a whisper, “I have my ways.”

Still savouring his food, Adnan pushed Ibrahim for more answers, “Alright, alright. At least tell me which country is the meat from?
Ibrahim said rather mischievously, “Why, it’s not imported. I get the meat from right here. Always fresh and ready for the next customer.”

Adnan found Ibrahim’s response a tad odd. He paused his feasting and and looked up at Ibrahim. Adnan froze with terror.

Ibrahim was holding a blood stained meat cleaver with a  maniacal grin on his face. Ready for the kill to serve the next customer.

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