After All…

Ryan was looking into the mirror. He looked great in the black suit. He wanted to look his best.
After all, Ryan was 
headed out on a date to the best restaurant in town.

He got into his car and drove to the main driveway. He looked around to check if there were any oncoming vehicles.
After all, Ryan was the most cautious man in town.

There was no traffic tonight and the roads looked empty. So, Ryan pushed his foot down on the gas pedal and went down the roads at top speed.
After all, Ryan had the fastest car in town.

He reached the restaurant just in time and parked his car near the sidewalk. The restaurant had no waiting so he walked in and sat down at his favorite spot in the restaurant.
After all, Ryan loved to stick to his favourites in town.

Ryan was famished. but he didn’t want to eat anything yet. He decided to wait for his date to show up first .
After all, Ryan was the most chivalrous man in town.

Time kept passing but there was no sign of his date. Ten… twenty…thirty…forty…fifty…sixty minutes passed by. He waited.
After all, Ryan was the most patient man in town.

Finally three hours had passed and Ryan decided it was long enough. He would wait no more and leave now.
After all Ryan had the most self-respect in town.

But Ryan wasn’t surprised. He was expecting this. He had been stood up for over a year now. He was accustomed to this routine by now.
After all, Ryan was the last living human in town.

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