52 in 2015 Challenge Update – March

March has been a mixed bag in terms of what got crossed out and what got missed out.

Well so I already am not faring well on one front of the 52 in 2015 challenge, i.e. Posting monthly updates. Missed the update for February and am over a week delayed for the March one. Hopefully I am more diligent for the future months.

On the financial front I have been unable to save money for the daily, weekly or the monthly challenge. Worse, I’ve even had to transfer some of the amount saved for a few emergency expenses last month. Really hope I can play catch up on the savings and soon! Will need all the savings I can muster for the coming few months.

In terms of fitness, its been a pretty bad month. Step count has gone down and my average daily count is below 10k. Haven’t had too many running sessions either. Grrrr.

I have however started the month long deprivation of refined sugar and sweets of any kind. Started the challenge towards the end of March so hopefully next month’s update sees me cross off two more items from the list.

Managed to catch another new movie in the cinema hall and also blog about it. Another Bollywood flick, NH10. You can read my thoughts about the movie here.

My culinary knowledge got a further boost with two more recipes, both using the same main ingredient, macaroni. Alas I haven’t been able to concoct any new cocktails since January. But I do have some great new recipes saved for use.

Also had a true blue romantic evening with the wife at NTUC’s Romancing U event in March. Absolutely lovely time and also got some truly memorable pictures and souvenirs from the evening.

So there you have it. My month of March in terms of the challenges I’ve outlined for the year. Not fantastic, but not a complete waste either. Hopefully next month’s update will have some positive updates.

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