The Relationship

Adam decided that it was time to end the relationship. His wife of 15 years, Sarah, was no longer the woman he had fallen in love with all those years ago. She had changed.

Adam planned it for a while now. He knew it wouldn’t be easy. Kids. Mortgage. Debts. It would be an arduous process splitting it all down the middle.

Adam asked her to meet him after work at their favorite restaurant for dinner. He knew that dining there would help cushion the blow. After all they had shared some fond memories there.

Adam decided to head to the restaurant that afternoon to make the reservations in person. He stepped through the doors of the exquisite establishment and proceeded towards the maître d’.

Adam looked through the glass window that separated the waiting area from the main dining one. Gosh this was an amazing place! He glanced at the luncheon crowd that kept the place buzzing. His glance suddenly stopped mid way.

Adam saw his wife at one of the tables. She appeared to be seated all by herself. He found it odd to find her there at this hour.

Adam thought that maybe this was a sign? Perhaps this meant it wasn’t time to let go. Perhaps there was still hope for their relationship.

Adam walked towards his wife when he saw Sarah’s law school friend, Emily, hurry towards and then embrace Sarah from the side.

Adam gaped as Emily began kissing Sarah’s neck, then her cheek and finally turning Sarah towards her, passionately kissing her on the lips.

Adam heard Emily shout gleefully that she finally left her husband the previous night. Now Sarah had to do the same with her spouse and she and Emily could finally move into together.

Adam knew for certain now that his relationship  was indeed over for good.

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