The Last Humans

Adrian, Adnan and Emily were the last humans on the planet called Earth. War, famine, disease and mostly stupidity had wiped out most of the population on their planet. Other unsavory events and unforeseen circumstances led to them being the sole survivors. They were roaming the streets of what was once the city of Boston. 

Adrian was a Boston resident with a strong Irish lineage. He was a bartender and a husband before the apocalypse. 

Adnan was in his early 20s. An immigrant from the Middle East, he was a simple technology engineer studying his masters before the apocalypse. 

Emily was a grad student at a prestigious medical school. She had planned on becoming a top geneticist before the apocalypse.

One day the three were confronted by a strange box. Strange because this box seemed to be unscathed, brand new and without any markings save a symbol on the top and a button on the side.

They looked at the box for a long while wondering what was this neat and clean object doing in the midst of all this rubble. One of them decided to press the ominous button. This caused a holographic head of a man to appear and start speaking.

“Greetings survivors! If you are listening to this message then that means the human race is now an endangered species and it will possibly end with you. That is unless you procreate. We have prepared a specific piece of technology to help with the process and ensure that human life sustains and flourishes. Please listen to the directions that follow and head toward the GENESIS pod. Once there you must engage in procreation to begin the life cycle process of your species.”

The message then proceeded to ask the female to take a piece of the box tech and place it in her ear for additional information. Emily placed the piece in her ear and began listening.

“To the female human. Beware that the GENESIS pod can only sustain procreation between one male and one female human. Before proceeding to the pod, ensure that you have identified the male human to help procreate the new gene pool. Tampering of any nature during the process would lead to failure.”

Emily knew with whom she wanted to procreate. But she decided to not divulge the details of her secret instructions to either Adrian or Adnan yet. However she knew that once she chose one to enter the chamber with her, the other would be envious and possibly a threat. When asked what was she told by the ear piece, Emily lied and said that it gave tips on how to ensure a successful result.

The three began walking towards the GENESIS pod. The directions were being spoken in loop by the head in the box. They approached a big door which seemed to be made of the same material as the box in their possession. Adnan stepped forward to push the button that was marked “Entrance”.

The doors opened to reveal a room fitted with two cylindrical glass tubes connected towards the lower half. Images on each tube seemed to indicate that the two humans would be nestled in the tubes to facilitate the procreation process. The presence of one tube each for the two participants of the procedure made it obvious that there was no room for a third.

Emily now knew she would have to take some steps to ensure there was no opposition to her decision. She quickly grabbed the steel pike lying nearby and leapt towards Adnan. With only one stab she penetrated his chest. Adnan gasped, convulsed, bled out and finally breathed his last.

Adrian was still in shock when Emily approached him. She explained her reasoning. She wanted to procreate with him, Adrian. She wanted to ensure that the new gene pool would be a pure white race, free of any ethnicity. She wanted to ensure that Adnan did not pose a threat to her choice. 

Adrian looked up at Emily with a hollow look on his face. What he said next made Emily scream with terror.

He said, “I’ve had a vasectomy.”

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