The Job Hunt

Allen was at work. It was a typical day at work. And that meant he would end up crunching numbers for the entire day.

He was a senior analyst for corporate accounts at Moneywell Industries. He had been one for over 3 years now with no sight of a promotion or compensation appraisals.

He wanted a change. He wanted to quit his job and look for something better. Allen was frustrated. He was desperate to end his misery. He had posted his resume on all the job sites he could find.

His hand phone buzzed. He looked at the screen and saw an unknown number. Usually he would have dismissed such calls. They were almost all the time tele-marketers trying to sell him a new credit card or a loan or insurance.

But now things were different. He knew that recruiters and head hunters would be calling him up now. Or at least he was hoping that they would be the ones calling him up now.

He answered the phone and politely said a hello.

“Good day Mr. Hunt. This is Gracie from Stellar Recruiters”, came the gracious reply at the other end.

“Yes!” He thought excitedly. Finally prospective jobs call.

“Mr. Hunt, I came across your CV on one of the job sites and felt that you were an ideal candidate for a job opportunity we currently have available. Would you be interested?”

“Absolutely!”, replied Allen.

“Great! But I’d appreciate if you kept this job opportunity to yourself if you feel you should want to pass on it” said Grace.

“Alright” said Allen a little confused. “Why may I ask?” he inquired.

“Well sir, the thing is that the job opening isn’t quite open yet. The position is currently filled, but the employers aren’t happy with the person and plan to fire him. So you see the job opening will open up as soon as a suitable candidate is found.” answered Grace.

“Oh I see.” replied Allen. He began thinking “What an unlucky bloke! Doesn’t even know he’s going to be fired. How incompetent is this fellow?”

“Sir, are you still interested?” asked Grace.

“Absolutely! Could you tell me what is the job title and the employer details?” inquired Allen.

“Sure Mr. Hunt. The job opening is for a Senior Analyst for Corporate Accounts at Moneywell Industries.”

Allen fell silent. It wasn’t a typical day at work after all.

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