52 in 2015 Challenge: January Update

It’s been a whole month since I kick started this year’s 52 in 2015 challenge. And I have to admit it has been a VERY productive month! I have made decent progress on most fronts and really great ones on others.

The month started with me checking off an item from my new Experiences section. I got my very first tattoo on Jan 3rd and boy was it an amazing feeling! So much so that I even blogged about it. you can read about it here.

Money saving has been great as well. Managed to adhere to the daily, weekly as well as monthly saving tasks! So that’s a neat sum of money tucked away for a rainy day.

I also managed to even write old school letters to both dad and bro. Granted the letters were a tad short and possibly illegible. But it’s a start!

Progress on the Health & Fitness front was also great. I have been maintaining my average daily steps of 12k steps and have even started going for morning walks. In fact since I have been making such good headway, I have updated my goal for total kilometres from 500 km to 700 km. In fact I may even make it an even 1000 km.

I did have to renege on my challenge to quit caffeine for a month. It’s just a tad too difficult for someone like me who lives and breathes coffee. Instead I switched it for a month without desserts.

I did manage to cook a new recipe and mix a new cocktail (just in time for the month end!) And even I do say so myself, the experiment was a resounding success with the Quesadillas being a big hit!

Another area of super achievement was reading. I’m already done reading 5 books this month and already on my 6th one. Having a Kindle on all my mobile devices is truly useful to help me meet my reading quota. But I’d attribute this achievement to the phenomenal Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi. The books are truly captivating.

On the photography front, I’m happy to say that I have been regular with my weekly challenge despite starting off a late. Even managed to get a new blog up and running to chronicle my photography. And I also managed to do one photo-walk this month albeit a short one along Emerald Hill. But I did manage to get some good shots. In fact I even used one of them for the weekly photography challenge.

So that was a snapshot of my monthly progress of the 52 in 2015 challenge. This post is simply a summary of the month’s progress, You can always visit my 52 in 2015 Challenge Page to see a more detailed view of my progress.

Until next month.

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