My 52 in 2014 Challenge – A Year End Review

Well, here it is. The end of yet another year. However this one started off a tad differently than most. With my 52 in 2014 challenge, I resolved to engage in a list of activities that would help me improve across multiple facets. If you’ve been a regular at the blog, it won’t come as a big surprise to you that I have not really managed to see most of these tasks to fruition.

Let’s start with the health related ones. Not only did I not lose the existing weight, I actually managed to gain a substantial amount by September. However thanks to a new routine and diligent use of public transport for the office commute, I am back on the right track albeit with some excess baggage. I take solace in the fact that by sticking to this routine I should be able to realise this goal in 2015.

On the wanderlust front as well, it’s been slim pickings. Partially on account of visa related restrictions. But also on account of the work related restrictions which ate up a few of my weekends. Alas I must admit financial restrictions also limited this set of tasks.

Speaking of finances, it’s been a bad year. I admit that there was a lapse at my end with the over indulgence for the wife’s 30th birthday  celebration. But a little better planning and prudent spending on my part would have helped on this front.

The Family and Friends set of items were a mixed bag. I did manage to go out on a number of intimate dates with the wife, so much so that after a certain point I completely forgot to jot it down in the list. Keeping in touch with family back home was also not entirely a failure. Although I do admit, the frequency did take a nosedive mid-year. Also, it became a tad difficult to keep track of the conversations.

My hobby and passion for photography were not enough to get me off my fat arse and go for a photo walk. The one’s that I did manage were happenstance. However I did manage to stick to the 52 week photography challenge and flex my creative muscle to get some great shots and make some new friends.

Strangely, I was able to read a decent amount of books this year. And I intend to make strides on this front as well in the coming year.

Blogging as well was a tad low towards the middle of the year. And of course the monthly status updates of this challenge were almost nil after the first quarter.

Astonishingly for someone who prides himself as being called a couch potato, I did NOT manage to complete the tasks related to TV shows and Movies at home. I was however successful at watching 12 new movies at the movie hall. Guess a NETFLIX subscription does not a couch potato make!

Although it was only once, I did manage to donate blood this year. And I was also successful in selling off some of the old electronics. It’s a different story that I bought new electronics from the proceeds.

Dining at new restaurants was a success and I discovered quite a few great haunts that I intend to frequent. Guess the success at this task possibly explains the weight gain!

Alas, neither was I able to get a tattoo not was I able to go for a musical.

Learning to mix new cocktails and cook new recipes were also not met in their entirety. But I must say that I have mastered the art of cooking to an extent.

On the purchases front, I did manage to buy a new camera system as well a Mac Mini (the device I am using right now to pen this post). My Blu-Ray collection needs to catch up though.


So that was my year and the progress I was able to make on the challenges I set forth for myself. Although my progress on them may have been abysmal, this practice of setting a list of challenges for a new year and then tracking my progress against them is stellar. And even if it means I might fail yet again, I’ve already penned my 52 items to complete in 2015.


You can check out my list here



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