Little Kevin

Little Kevin was smiling. He was wearing a suit today. He liked it. The suit made him fee all grown up. The suit made him look older.

He wanted to wear the suit for a long time. But his mother had said no. She said suits are only meant to be worn on special occasions. He asked what kind of occasions? She mentioned weddings and funerals.

Little Kevin was wearing the suit because it was his grandpa’s funeral. Grandpa was old and weak. He had a weak heart and even weaker lungs. His last breath must have been while he was asleep. Someone had said that he seemed to have been scared to death in the night. He was found with his eyes wide open and clinging to the blanket. But no one could figure out what was it that had petrified grandpa.

Little Kevin was strutting around in the suit. He felt something jutting out of his pocket. It was a Halloween mask. Little Kevin put it back inside and looked around to see if someone saw the mask. No one did.

Little Kevin’s mother had said he could wear the suit only during weddings and funerals. He knew he couldn’t get someone in the family to marry anytime soon. But he certainly could get someone in the family to die.

Little Kevin was smiling. Little Kevin was finally wearing a suit today.

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