Last Night

She woke up with a smile. And why not? Last night was phenomenal! HE was phenomenal! There was a spark that she hadn’t seen in a while.

He had just taken her as she lay there,without any warning or any hesitation. She found it brutal and sensual at the same time. That had excited her.

The foreplay. The caressing. The kiss. The lovemaking. All of it felt sublime. Almost surreal but in a fantastic way! She didn’t even have time to turn on the lights. And after they were done she just fell off to sleep.

This morning she awoke before he did. He was facing the other way and seemed in deep sleep. She decided to surprise him with some breakfast in bed.

She tiptoed out of bed and into the shower. The shower helped her feel a tad fresh and relaxed. She stepped out of the shower and noticed that he was still asleep. She made her way to the kitchen.
As she stepped towards the kitchen she saw the main door swing open. Startled at first, then completely astonished, she screamed!
The man who walked through the open door was her husband, the man who supposedly was making love to her last night.

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