Gandhi’s 52 in 2014: May Update

Woe is me!

I have severely dropped off my planned resolution train in the last few months. Although there are a number of tasks on which I am lagging behind, the ones that truly get to me are the ones related to health and fitness. Gone are the regular walks/runs I went on during January. And I have yet to kick start the tasks pertaining to Travels!
The money challenge this month has been moot, primarily cause I used that money to fund the wife’s 30th birthday gifts, all thirty of them! Hopefully I can get back on track starting in June.
On a positive note I am sticking to the tasks pertaining to my photography challenge as well exploring new restaurants in Singapore. Outings with friends and conversations with family back home have also been on the rise. So if nothing else, I’m definitely becoming more out-going and getting in touch with my loved ones.
Almost coming to the six month mark. Guess things need to get into overdrive for results to start showing on some of the lagging fronts. Let’s hope I have a better update come June end.  

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