What Motivates You?

Its been five months since I made my new year’s resolutions for this year. A lengthy list of 52 items that I want to complete before this year ends. And although I may be making decent progress on a few of those, I am nowhere close to my required goals at this point of the challenge! Mainly the ones involving a healthy lifestyle and a fitter body.

It’s no surprise that one of the main reasons for this is the lack of motivation. Goals seem to only mean something when there’s something enticing you to achieve them. But the enticement needs to also help you overcome you resounding sense of procrastination.

There’s always a sense of excitement and adventure before you embark on any journey. However over time that excitement and dazzle seems to wear off and the spark that had you all gung-ho at the start just extinguishes.

Is it just me who has this issue? I wouldn’t think so considering that there’s another 7 billion people on this planet and am pretty sure there’s someone out there who has faced this before and perhaps overcome this to achieve his/her goals.

So here’s my question… how does one get that spark to light up again?

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