Gandhi’s 52 in 2014 Challenge – March Update

It’s been a while since the last update and since weekly updates became a tad difficult to post I switched to a monthly one. I know I know this was one of the tasks in the challenge.

It’s been a stagnant two months in terms of the health tasks. Haven’t gone for the planned walks three times a week! And not much movement on the weight loss either. So obviously these need to get pushed into overdrive to catch up on the lost time.
Have also been a tad behind schedule with the learning new things routine. Have cooked only 2 out of the required 3 new recipes for the year. And only one cocktail of the 3 new cocktails. This will probably be not too difficult to catch up to, hopefully.
On the books reading challenge am behind by two books. But at least due to the challenge I have read more books in the first quarter of this year than I did in the entire previous year.
About the only task that I have been able to execute consistently are the weekly photo challenges and the selfie project. Well at least something is going as per plan.

Did begin spring cleaning of electronics in the house and the first items to be sold were the old iPad 2 and the Galaxy Note 8 tablets. Although I did use the money from that sale to buy myself a shiny new iPad Air. Well at least there’s one less tablet in the house, so that’s progress.

Have taken a keen interest in my forgotten hobby of sketching. Even started sketching on the new iPad (bought recently, thank you very much)
So far it’s been a slow start. But there’s still time to catch up and get back on track. The next three quarters may offer some respite and hopefully I am able to recover lost time and of course get back on track.

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