Gandhi’s 52 in 2014 Challenge – Week 3

Another week, another update on my 52 in 2014 challenge. This week onwards instead of adding the list in the post, I’ll simply provide the link to the page (within this blog as well) where I keep the list updated. Saving space you see!

The post is a tad earlier than usual (well just a day earlier really!) cause I’m flying out to Vietnam with the wife for a week long holiday! As you’ll see from the updates below, obviously the excitement of the impending holiday has been a small factor in some of the slips this week.

Kinda lagging on a lot of tasks this week. Was able to only for a walk once in the entire week so am going to have to catch up on the target in the next few weeks. Unfortunately am also on holiday next week so that means I’ll have to catch up on a whole lot of walks!!! Ah well, it shall have to be done.

Also was unable to complete my 5 journal entries for the week (only managed 2). Aaargh, and this despite the fact that I had SO much to vent about and talk this week. Next week’s holiday should provide for some truly memorable and picturesque journal entries though.

On a bright side, the weight loss task saw a positive turn this week with the excess baggage dropping another 0.6 kgs (it’s not much, but it’s still something!)

Also had another great evening out with friends (second one this month) mid-week (Thursday to be precise) with drinks, food and sheesha at Istanbul Cafe. Although it’s also a new restaurant that I’ve tried, I’m not really chalking it up against my task to dine at 12 new restaurants. 

Completed re-watching all 8 seasons of That 70s show this week as well. Bittersweet feeling when you watch the final episode of any series you’ve enjoyed watching. Although I must admit the final season was a tad lacklustre and was all over the place with plot lines and stories. I can see why it didn’t get renewed for a ninth season.

Also watched another critically acclaimed flick – There Will Be Blood. A tad different than most movies I usually watch, but then that’s what this challenge is all about, experiencing new things!

All in all not a completely bad week, but I’ll need to really work hard in the coming weeks to catch up on some of the slips of this week and the potential ones of the next week owing to the holiday. 

Till next week!

Link To The List.

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