Starting New

Happy New Year All! 2014 is upon us. The first day of a new year is a chance to start afresh. Most of us resolve to make changes in the new year. Some vow to hit the gym more often, others decide they’re gonna learn a new skill, and then there are those who choose to get more serious and focus on financial or professional stability.

Well, this year I have a few resolutions as well. Sounds kinda corny but maybe a list of goals to achieve might be in order to ensure that I have a plan in place to reach said goals. With a little determination and dedication I hope I can see these to fruition. So what are these resolutions you ask? Well here’s the list – 

Read More!
I am a slow reader. It takes me around a month (sometimes six!) to complete a book. Also I’m kinda easily distracted by the telly. As a result the number of books I consume in a year is abysmal. This year I want to change all that and read loads more. I haven’t set a goal yet but I definitely want to aim for more than one book per month.

Get Fit!
I’ll be honest, I’m pretty overweight, to the point that my excess weight has caused much concern as my cholesterol levels are through the roof. I sincerely hope my attempts at curbing my binge sessions as well as increased exercise and fitness routines help battle the bulge way before the year comes to a draw.

Learn Something!
They say learning never stops. So here it is, this year I want to learn a new skill. Am unsure what’s this new skill. Could be a new language, a new trait or maybe even a new dance style. But something new needs to be added to my (rather small) list of abilities and talents

Snap Away!
I developed a passion for photography in early 2010 and was quite regular in my photo-walks. Unfortunately that momentum slowed in the last 2 years. This year I am hoping to kick start the passion and possibly even make it much more.

Blog Often!
And of course I need to buck up and blog more often. Not only to keep my readers engaged but also to have a creative outlet for my thoughts and opinions. Keeping that in mind I guess I need to start writing more from the heart and not cater to someone else’s standards or expectations. So here goes the first of many such personal blog posts.

So that’s my small list of resolutions for this new year. Granted they’re not too grand but then again all big things start off small. Who knows, if I’m able to stick to these resolutions this year, next year may see me making some bigger, bolder commitments!

Here’s hoping that I keep my resolutions intact and also that my blog post inspires you to make some of your own solid resolutions for this new year as well. 

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