The Couple – A Short Story

It had been a long day at work for Divya. Her week long work conference had left her completely exhausted. Fortunately she was able to leave a day earlier. All she wanted to do was reach home and have a glass of wine with Arun. In her haste to catch the next flight out, she missed informing her husband of the change in her schedule and then later decided to surprise Arun.

Once she reached the apartment, she removed her keys to open the door. She was a tad concerned that the door wasn’t locked. She figured that Arun must’ve left in a hurry that morning and missed locking the apartment door. Once she entered the apartment, a few other things caught her eye that raised her suspicions about something not being right. There was loose clothing lying around the living room leading a trail to the bedroom. She began tip-toeing and followed the trail of clothes, all the while trying to keep her imagination from running astray.

Once she reached the bedroom door, what she saw completely surprised her; her husband in bed with Mrs. Kamini Mehta. The adulterous couple froze as soon as they caught a glimpse of Divya. Divya’s husband stumbled to get words out of his mouth, anything that could help him with the rather awkward situation he was in. Unfortunately all that he could manage was “What are you doing here?”

Before any other words were exchanged, Divya stormed out of the bedroom and left the apartment. As she entered the elevator, she removed her handphone and dialled a number. The telephone ring at the other end was abruptly cut short as a friendly male voice answered – “Hey!”.

Divya replied gleefully – “It’s me! Guess who I caught cheating with YOUR wife? Yep, MY husband! Looks like we won’t have to worry about the divorcing our spouses after all, Arun.”

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