Bull Street: A Book Review (via goodreads)

Bull StreetBull Street by David Lender

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My interest in the financial sector, thanks to my Investment Banker father and Corporate Banker elder brother, was one of the prime reasons for my decision to begin reading this financial thriller. Comparisons to my other favorite author, John Grisham further piqued my interest in this author.

Bull Street is probably best described in one line as Grisham’s “The Firm” with a financial backdrop. The story, set in the global financial capital New York, starts a little before the infamous 2008 financial crisis and proceeds to get intertwined with the said crisis.

At the center of the story is an idealistic IB rookie, Richard Blum who aspires to greatness at his newly joined firm. His peers think highly of him, his attractive female colleague is crushing on him and he’s living his dream. But things quickly spiral away out of control when an unintended discovery of an insider trading ring by Richard threaten not only ruin his career, but even his own life.

Bull Street has all the elements for a fast paced thriller. Foreign locales, adrenaline pounding action, decent character development and a solid central plot. The only qualm I did have was the under utilization of the financial crisis in the central plot. Although that did not dampen the pace established by the author.

If you like a decent thriller and have a passion (hidden or otherwise) for the financial sector, Bull Street is a definite read.

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