Prometheus: Movie Review OR "Of Greek Gods And Ridley Scott"

When Ridley Scott announced his return to the genre that was pretty much defined by him, SciFi fans world over were beyond delighted. After all, this is the man who gave us two of the most magnificent Science-Fiction masterpieces in the history of cinema, Alien and Blade Runner. And this excitement was further elevated exponentially with the prospect of the new project being a prequel of sorts to one (Alien) of those masterpieces. 

Named after the Greek god who stole fire from the other Gods and gave it to man to make him an equal, Prometheus the movie deals with mankind’s quest to search for an answer to the question “Who created us and why?”. Prometheus marks Scott’s return to Science Fiction after almost three decades. But you couldn’t tell that after watching the movie, for the celebrated director STILL knows how to make an engaging SciFi flick.

The thing about Scott’s vision in his sci-fi movies is the level of authenticity he manages to showcase. His futuristic universe seems very believable and you start thinking “Gosh this could really happen!”. In fact many elements used in Alien and Blade Runner, which were pure science fiction at the time are very much part of the real world today.

The build up to the release has been phenomenal. The promos for the flick started pouring in as early as December last year. Apart from the standard theatrical trailers, the marketing campaign featured many viral videos,a faux TED talk and even a fully functioning Weyland Industries website.However, one of the faults I found with the viral campaigning was that there was way too much information pertaining to the plot given away in the full length trailers. Or maybe I figured it out cause I’m just THAT smart!

In many ways Prometheus serves as a reboot/prequel to the original SciFi horror classic, Alien (NOT Aliens! That’s a completely different flick albeit a worthy sequel directed by James Cameron). However you do not necessarily need to have watched the previous movie to understand what’s going on (although you’ll be glad that you did!) 

In terms of connections and eater eggs with relation to Scott’s first foray into the SciFi genre, Alien, the avid fan will have a ball of time spotting them. Right from the title sequence to the Space Jockey, Scott has ensured that the plot of Prometheus is very much set in the same universe as Alien. But he is firm in his assertion that the movie does not directly tie-in into the 1979 classic. And this is quite evident after you’ve watched the movie and the climax sequences. This is a good thing, since it leaves room for potentially a new set of sequels further exploring the new perspective offered by this storyline. 

The suspense and thrill aspect of the movie are in the same league as the original Alien and one scene in particular is a stunning testament to the true brilliance of Scott as a director and Rapace as an actor. Nightmares are made of stuff like this! Although do not expect the same thrill-a-minute scenes like the other flicks. The shocks are in place at the correct junctures in the movie and are again kept relevant to the plot and seemingly underplayed in the trailers seen thus far.

The story raises many religious and deep philosophical quesitons while offering minimal answers. This, in my view, is a conscious effort by the film maker enabling the audience to formulate their own responses to the queries posed. Although the ones that are presented in the movie are gems in their own right. The conversation between Logan Marshall Green and Micheal Fassbender’s characters, after their rather disappointing discovery, was one such revelation. When asked why did human’s create androids such as himself, David (Fassbender) receives a rather callous and nonchalant response  from Holloway (Marshall-Green) – “We made you because we could!”

For someone who has always been intrigued at the possibility of an extra-terrestrial hand in the creation of life on earth, the basic premise of this movie appealed to me greatly. Although I was a little disappointed that the true intent or absolute origin of life was not theorized or even hypothesized to the fullest extent. But then like I mentioned, the director has left many questions open for audience interpretation. 

Prometheus offers die-hard fans of the Alien franchise a brand new perspective and a more thought-provoking origin story which stands alone on its own plot and back-story. And which has the possibility of spawning its own set of independent sequels which would make for great viewing. If you like good science-fiction and admire debating and understanding open endings and interpretations, then Prometheus will surely be a feast for your senses.

Here’s the latest trailer for you to get all pepped up for the flick.

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