Movie Review – Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

So I went to see this movie the other day. Turns out I really didn’t need to! Why? Well you see, the story of this particular movie had been stitched up using a number of colorful other rom-coms from Bollywood and Hollywood. And since I had seen those “original” works of art, I didn’t really catch a “New” movie. Okay, so it wasn’t as bad I am making it out to be. EMAET is a decent flick. Or, to borrow a quote from the movie, it was “perfectly average”. 

The movie’s basic premise of a drunken marriage seems to be inspired by the Kutcher -Diaz starrer, What Happens In Vegas. But that’s where the similarity ends. The rest of the flick takes a desi turn and reminds you of another Kareena starrer, Jab We Met, with Imran playing the role of the uptight career oriented fella. But the movie manages to surprise you with yet another turn towards the end. This time, the inspiration seems to come from 500 days of Summer (BTW this one is one of my all time favorites.) Although not a complete rip-off of either of the three afore-mentioned movies, I could not help but be reminded of each of these flicks while watching EMAET.

Kareena seems to have become synonymous with the happy go lucky carefree “bindaas” girl next door. Her character pretty much felt like Geet – Part II (from Jab We Met you dodo!) Only this time, her family isn’t as histrionic as the Punjabi ones from JWM. 
I must admit that I quite liked Imran Khan in the flick. No don’t worry, my sexual orientation isn’t wavering. What I meant was that Khan does a great job of livening up the movie with his facial expressions. But somehow the two don’t really seem that much of a couple (which probably echoes in the film’s ending). Among Imran’s parents, Boman is his usual brilliant self, but somehow Ratna Patak Shah felt a little too artificial. On the other hand I found Kareena’s entire family a complete laugh riot! Especially her father (“Just tickle his Balls.” Simply EPIC!) Watch out for her granny, she’s a sly one 😉

The songs, I must admit are pretty good. Right from the first tune to the last one, I quite enjoyed the music of the movie. The visuals of the songs set in Las Vegas capture the essence of the city pretty nicely. Even the oddly titled “Auntyji” turned out to be a quite a peppy number.

It’s probably too early to say if this one will be one of the best rom-coms of the year (Although I am quite sure some trade pundits are already claiming t is) IMHO, the movie has a greater appeal to urban audiences for the many references to terms that are probably a little alien to the mango people. But I’m sure even with all the urbane feel, the movie will still click with the small town teens.

Overall this one’s a perfectly average **1/2 stars.

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