Ever wondered if you are utilizing your fullest potential? If you were putting to use all your talents and abilities to their maximum levels? I for one know, I am not. Why? Simple, I’m lazy, I procrastinate and I am apathetic to the outcome of any task I undertake, well almost any task I undertake. I maybe jeopardizing my future (and possibly current) job prospects by putting this sentiment out there on the interweb,  but the fact is that I truly am a lazy-ass good for nothing dolt!

Now before you start preparing your judgmental remarks, ask yourself the same question. Are you doing the best that you can? And be honest. If you think about it, most of us are not as industrious as we’d think. Sure, we do a great job at work, get that coveted promotion or annual incentive. We may be earning enough to support a stylish and comfortable lifestyle. But is that all we can do? Use our talents and abilities to earn some extra moolah and a fancy title.

We seldom use our gifts, abilities, potential (call it what you will!) to better lives apart from our own. Its cute to put up a facebook status update supporting a worthy cause. Sure it gets you lotsa ‘Likes’ and comments, but is that all we can do? I am sure if we push our abilities and resources to their fullest potential, we could truly bring about real change in the issues that plague our society and in turn, plague us.

So, ask yourself once again, how productive and useful are your abilities in the real world? Answer that question with details that describe achievements other than your own well being, and you’ve done justice to yourself.

While you ponder away on that tiny tid-bit, I’m calling it a day and logging off. Ciao.

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