Project Petronas

I made my first trip to the Malaysian capital over a recent long weekend. Although the trip was primarily supposed to be a getaway of sorts to help relax my nerves (along with my wife’s), it turned out to be a great opportunity for me to take some really good clicks. 

Although my passion truly lies in street photography, I couldn’t help but marvel at the splendor and grandeur of the Petronas Twin towers. As a result I ended up with a great number of shots of the twin wonders. This prompted me to embark on a mini project with the aforementioned title. 

The concept, very basic and simple – capture images of the twins from a variety of vantage points, great or otherwise. The end result is a collection of approximately over thirty clicks as seen from different spots in the city. Although I do not remember clearly all the locations, I have managed to mention most of the prominent ones. So here goes –  

The towers as seen from the scenic view of our hotel room. 
A Panoramic shot taken from our hotel room. The twins are flanked
by the “other iconic” tower, the Menara KL tower.

As seen from the Luna bar. The view of the tower is a major 
reason for patrons, tourists and locals alike,  frequenting this rooftop bar  

A glimpse of the towers from a street
alley near the hotel. It is almost 
impossible to miss them if you 
are in the Golden triangle area

The view from the Menara KL towers. Although not as famous the twin towers, the KL tower arguably offers a better view of the city. Well at least you get to see the iconic Petronas towers.

 The towers as shot from different angles from the tower base, the Suria KLCC Mall and KLCC park and the KL Convention Center.

Random Shots From Streets All over the City



So there you go. The Petronas Twin Towers as clicked from a myriad of vantage points throughout the Malaysian capital by yours truly.

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