2010 – A Bollywood Odyssey

This post is certainly one for the history books. Why, you ask? Well, for one, its the first one for the new decade, but more importntly, it is a guest post. Yes, my blog DOES have readers (avid ones!) and one of the many followers has graciously contributed his time and talent in penning a post for my humble blog. The author of this post is my friend and former manager, Umesh Kelkar. Umesh lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and son.

Keeping in tone with the previous post, this post lists the top 10 Bollywood movies of 2010. In fact it was at Umesh’s insistence, that the previous post was penned by yours truly. Since I did not have the opportunity to watch many Bollywood flicks, Umesh, the film aficionado that he is, was kind enough to give his two cents on the subject.

So here it is, the guest post (with minimal editing by yours truly)

Though I rate the quality of films that came out in 2010 as simply average, I do see an increasing trend in experimentation with format and presentation of the movies released.

Here is my pick of the top 10 movies for 2010 in order in which they were released –

This flick made its mark for use of rustic locations and rough language. It is essentially the story of two crooks (Naseerudin Shah and Arshad Warsi) and how they are ultimately lured into a trap by a woman (Vidya Balan). The fillum, by a new director at the helm under the guidance of Vishal Bharadwaj, made for some good viewing. Vidya Balan continued her form from Paa and the other players in small roles were also good . Naseer needs a special movie to make him act, so this was it. Good music.

2]My Name is Khan
I had grown bored of the watching US bashing movies and movies showcasing US tyranny on Muslims. So MNIK was a fresh take on the Issue and kudos to Karan for doing it. So instead of the Hate route taken by moviee like Kurbaan and New York, MNIK showed us how to win over US with love. As Usual, an excellent act by SRK. Good music by Shankar Eshsaan and Loy

3]Love Sex aur Dokha
Now this is what I call something different. Dipankar comes out with another winner back to back after last year’s Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Great presentation, shot totally with a hand-held video camera. It tells 3 stories on each component of the title – Love, Sex and Dokha and the stories are connected beautifully at the end.

4]Badmash Company
This was certainly an intelligent movie . Taking the pre 1992 era (The notorious Trade barriers) as a backdrop a story is woved out and told. Attempt is made to include the Usual masala that a Hindi movie needs. But overall a good movie.

5]Once upon a time in Mumbai
Good old Milind Luthria comes on the fore front after many years and he delivers a winner. The story is the same, Haji Mastan and Dawood but it is given a different treatment. Good music by Preetam. The retro era is well captured. Ajay does a smashing Don act and Emraan supports well. This movie is going to take the award for the best Dialogue. Consider this gem “Maine apne jeene ka tarika badla hai, Tevar nahi”.

6]Peepli Live
This one has been sent to Oscars and I think it deserves it. It is a Satircal take on commercialisation of our media. Excellent performances by many new and seasoned actors. This movie is in fact the most profitable movie for 2010 since the production budget was very low.

Now this is what is called a blockbuster. 200 croes and counting. Phew! Salmaan is back in form. Some one said that in India there are only two true superstars. Definition of a super star is “no matter what is happening outside in their personal life, no matter how poor the script is a superstar carries the movie on his own and makes it a hit.” right now there are only two such superstar. One is Rajnikanth and the second is Salmaan. If you don’t believe then go and
watch Dabangg and watch how salmaan single handely and some times even rudely carries out the Dabaang act.

This made my list on the sheer strenght of its special effects. Its a Shankar movie and I like his movies. This movie can stand in front of any Hollywood Special effects movies. Good one Shankar

9]Do doni Char
Another gem from another new director. Its a story of middle class family trying to a buy a car. excellent performances by everyone lead by Rishi Kapoor . Rishi might bag a nomination for this.

10]Band Baaja Baarat
Yash Raj should be given a phd on love and relatiosnhip . Following their Shaadi act in the Teleserial Rishta.com, YR comes up with a sweet romatic tale of two college pass-outs and their trials and tribulations in setting up a wedding planner business. Good Music.

The genre completely missing from my list is comedy. This genre has degraded in Bollywood in last few years as our comedy movies have turned into silly tom and jerry cartoons where tom and jerry are replaced by Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. So be it the Housefull, Golmaal 3 or the below the belt Tees Maar Khan, they make you laugh in bits and pieces, but so do Tom and Jerry cartoons!

Some films which did not make the list but still I found them to be ok are –

City of Gold
Anajana Anjani

I could not catch the below but heard they were good

Phas Gaye Re Obama
Khelenge Hum Ji Jaan Se

So there you have it. The top Bollywood picks from 2010 as seen by Umesh Kelkar.

Thanks for the post Umesh!

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