Same Same, But Different.

The blog has a different web-address now. The new link to all those wonderful posts of mine that you love oh-so much is

Those of you who are curious as to why the sudden change in the address. Well, let’s just say the old URL (http://abhijeetgandhi.blogspot) was a tad narcissistic. And well, humility is my middle name (well actually it isn’t, but you get the drift)

For the uninitiated (more like, for the D-Uh folks), here are the definitions to the words in the new URL-

So as you can see, the new URL is more in tune with the nature and content of the blog. It’s all about the randomness. That and the title does make the blog sound way more pretentious!

For those who are reading this blog for the VERY first time, this post probably has zero value. Except to say that it is simply a way to add ONE more post to my list of random ones!

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