3 Reasons Why The Nexus One Is NOT a Failure.

The Nexus One

Google latest attempt at penetrating the mobile phone market was met with dismay with the final Nexus One phone being sold from it’s web store in May. There are varying opinions as to why the “superphone” did not last the so called ‘Phone Wars’. Obviously the phone has already been labelled a failure and branded as another Google mistake. However, as a user of the said device and an a rather avid technophile, it is my opinion that the Nexus One is indeed a success story in its own right. Here’s why –

The Face of Android
Every major mobile app has three distinct flavors; an iPhone (or iTouch) version, a Blackberry version and an Android version. Now the first two are pretty easy to spot. I mean there is only one iPhone model out there! And the Blackberry, well yeah, its pretty easy spot those as well. But there are so many phones running the Android OS, it gets difficult to choose one as a poster boy. That changed with the launch of Nexus One. The over the top launch of the Google Superphone gave the “Robot-powered” mobile OS platform a distinctive face. Almost every app website will sport the image of the Nexus One next to the Android version link. The N1 has become the new face of the Android OS.

Set The Bar for future Smartphones
The Nexus One is truly THE smartphone. Look under the hood and you’ll see the true genius behind the beauty. A 1GHz processor, state of the art AMOLED screen, noise cancellation microphone and a dozen other features that were still just concepts for some phones, the N1 raised the bar for future smartphones. Now almost every smartphone launched in the market shares similar technical specifications.

Gave Android A Boost
Let’s face it. The Android OS wasn’t exactly the most popular or the most favored mobile OS platform for quite some time. With the anticipation and hype attached with the launch of the Nexus One, the Android OS began getting a lot more recognition. In the months following its launch, many new devices were launched from the stables of htc, Samsung and Sony Ericcson that sported different flavors of the Google powered mobile OS. It’s latest avatar, the FroYo solidified its stand as the mobile OS of choice for many. The evolution of the Android OS in the coming months promises to be even better.

It’s sad that the device didn’t get the recognition that it truly deserved. But like I said, even in its passing, the ‘superphone’ has managed to up the ante for mobile devices across the entire spectrum. For the time being, this blogger is proud to be one of the few lucky consumers who owns this little piece of History in his hands and is more than satisfied by it.

For further reading about the Google smartphone, look up the Wikipedia link.

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