A Lostie Speaks.

On October 24 2004, Oceanic flight 815 to Los Angeles crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The survivors of that fateful aircraft found themselves on an mysterious island that would challenge their faith and transform their destinies. On May 23 2010, we witnessed the final chapter in the saga of the Flight 815 survivors.

Yes, I am talking about the hit show LOST. After six years of mystery, mythology, thrills, and numerous twists and turns, the saga of the survivors of flight 815 came to a final conclusion. It’s been almost a fortnight since the series came to an end and I am still trying to get to terms with that fact that there are no more new episodes of LOST!

Attempting to explain the story of LOST in mere words, that too the words of an amateur writer would be nothing short of blasphemy. There are numerous online resources that would do an exponentially better job at that. No this is not a synopsis of the show, nor is it a glimpse in to the show’s story. What it is, is an honest and heartfelt reaction of a viewer who went from an intrigued viewer to a disinterested one and finally went on to become an ardent devotee of the series.

The show ran for six seasons and had quite a story to tell with each passing season. Although the main story arc changed somewhat in the latter two seasons, each season formed a unique mini story arc of its own. With every passing season, a new dimension to the LOST saga was discovered. And each season finale cliffhanger literally left the viewing audience thirsting for more.

I’ll admit that my interest in the show waned after the first season. I wrote it off as just another wannabe thriller drama series that would go nowhere. What made me change my mind I still cannot recollect, but rest assured, I am glad I did revisit the missed seasons and was fully caught up with the show when I began watching the fifth season. I didn’t even wait for the official telecast in my home country. I had found numerous online resources that let me watch the latest episodes almost the same day as the US telecast.

There are many things about the show that have captivated me over the seasons. Chief among them was the constant tussle between the concept of free will and destiny. These concepts were personified time and again by not just the show’s story-line, but also the protagonists, Jack Shepherd and John Locke.

The show gave many memorable characters that have already found a place in pop-culture. My personal favorite is Desmond Hume. Although he wasn’t the lead of the series in the conventional sense, his character was an instrumental one in the shows final season story line. But frankly, almost every character in the show has evoked strong emotions, be it a happy one or one that is filled with sorrow. Very few shows fictional characters are capable of such feats.

Although many fans, including myself, felt that the series finale left a lot to be desired, there was a sense of closure for the most part. The characters that we had come to know and love over the past six years had finally found their true destinies. But there was SO much more that could have been done with some of the characters. Certain story-lines were left hanging, when they were the ones that could’ve changed the way the show progressed.

Whatever the verdict on the finale, there is no doubt that LOST has attained cult status. It elevated from a simple series to a pop culture phenomenon. With multiple fan websites and countless forums that discussed the series, its characters, story-lines, episodes and themes to no end, LOST is nothing short of a classic, a piece of television history.

Here’s the season three finale scene, one which I personally consider to be the best in the entire series and one that brought a tear to my eye. Jack’s last statement in the scene is what keeps haunting me till this day.

In the words of my favorite character Desmond,

“See you in another life brother.”

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