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So you’ve got yourself a twitter account, but are still struggling with followers. How is it that geek you went to high school with has hundreds of followers and countless retweets and you’ve got squat!
Well there are a few unspoken rules that us tweeps “follow” when it comes to following and tweeting someone back.

Where To Begin?
Firstly, get the basics right. Upload a display pic to your twitter account. That goes double for the men! And please no random pictures of nature or celebrities (unless you’re the said celebrity!). People are more comfortable with tweeps with faces, even if they aren’t much to look at! So take a picture of your best side and upload.
Fill out your profile. When you meet someone for the first time, do you simply expect that someone to start talking to you? No, you need an ice-breaker, something that lets them get (and more importantly gets you as well) comfortable and relaxed. Throw in some random gyaan, some quirky one-liner or simply write something about yourself. But please don’t copy paste some stupid Muhawra!
Location, Location, location. As in real estate, this fundamental principle applies to your Bio as well. You don’t need to get real specific with the latitudes and longitudes, but a simple City or Country name sure helps tweeps to engage in relevant conversation with you.

I Have An Identity!
OKay so your Bio is respectable, you have your best picture uploaded and people can see what city has the misfortune of calling you its inhabitant. But that doesn’t mean you’re all set to get a huge following, unless you are @sachin_rt!
Nope twitter is all about engaging with other tweeps. Follow interesting tweeps and reply or retweet their tweets. Since following on twitter is far simpler than on facebook, finding and following new tweeps wont be an issue. And if the tweep you’re following hasn’t blocked you, you’re free to reply or retweet that person.
Don’t lose heart if someome you followed doesnt follow you back instantly. Give it time, let the tweep see your tweets, your retweets and build a realionship. Lets face it, you don’t go to second base on the first date, do you!
Another thing to remember is that when you begin following someone new, Tweet about it with a mention of the said tweep. If there was a specific reason you chose to follow that someone, state that as well for a more meaningful tweet. 9 times out of 10, these tweets guarantee an automatic follow.

I Wanna Tweet Now…
For god’s sake, unless you’re stuck in some twister or being roasted by the sun, do NOT tweet about the weather everyday! Once in a blue moon, when the weather IS pleasant, go ahead tweet about it, but don’t be twitter’s unsponsored weather channel!
Tweeting about current topics is a big Yes. After all, many news flashes spread across twitter before they hit the mainstream news channels. So go ahead be the next Woodward and Bernstein!
I find twitter a great way to relieve stress. So if you’re pissed, angry or simply mind-fcuked, go ahead tweet that emotion and let it soar in cyberspace. Trust me, these are the tweets that grab the most attention. So you’ll benefit with your grief!

Finally, remember its not just about the quantity, its ALSO about quality. No use getting 1000 followers if more than 30 percent are bots/spammers/internet marketers. Engage with real tweeps and you’ll have plenty to tweet about.

I’ve been on twitter for over a year now, but really started using it about 8-9 months ago. Following these simple rules I’ve had the pleasure of befriending many interesting and insightful tweeps. And I’m sure will continue to do so in the future.

Like a fellow tweep once tweeted –

Facebook is filled with people you knew in high school
Twitter is filled with people you wished you knew in high school

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