My Name Is Gandhi And I Am Not A Politician!

King Khan’s latest flick has been generating a huge buzz (no pun intended!). Even before it’s release, the movie enjoyed a whole lot of media attention for various reasons. The pairing of superstars Shahrukh & Kajol after a long hiatus was the movie’s calling card.

But more famous, or rather infamous was the war of words between Shahrukh and the Shiv Sena (ah yes once again the SS makes their way to my blog!). The tension between the two sides spiraled out of control and resulted in severe security measures taken by the Maharashtra State Police on the day of the release (Only to later realize that the real security was required outside a quaint bakery in Pune!).

The Movie has garnered favorable reviews from the critics (which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a GREAT movie! Read my last post for proof of that!). But what the movie has also managed is strengthen SRK’s fan-following especially in the Islamic community. The question raised in the movie, as to why are all Muslims looked upon as terrorist suspects is worth debating.

Terrorism has plagued society since times immemorial. Over the ages, it has taken on many different forms. But only recently has the form been unmistakable. The 9/11 attacks painted all Muslims in the same color as the perpetrator of the said attacks. There were many factors that were to be considered when accessing the cause of the attacks. But it was Osama Bin Laden’s ethnicity, his skin color and his religion became the hallmarks of terrorism in the eyes of the western world.

Overnight being a brown skinned person meant you were the bad guy. If you had a turban on your head, you were damn well going to be interrogated and treated as a terrorist suspect. The Asians who were once friends became suspicious individuals for the Caucasian community.

Even today, the stigma hasn’t subsided entirely. People of Islamic Origin are still living under certain paranoia and fear. And if you’ve seen the videos from the infamous Guantamo Bay Prison, you wouldn’t blame them either. Although it’s been almost a decade since the events of 9/11, the ghosts of the past are still lingering among our present.

The movie, although not the best platform to communicate the message, still makes an honest attempt to highlight a very basic concept. They could be Khans, Khannas or even Kennedys, but generalizing an entire population based on the actions of a few is nothing short of discrimination.

My Name Is Gandhi, And I Am Not A Politician!

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