Playboy, Hugh Hefner’s brainchild, was in the news a few weeks ago. And if you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know exactly why!

The Lifestyle magazine made headlines on 9th Ocotober, 2009, when they announced that Marge Simpson, the matriarch from the famous animated sitcom, “The Simpsons” would be on their November cover. For those who are unfamiliar with the publication (because they were too busy living in the 19th century!), Playboy has been a favorite among men (and even some women) for it’s ‘tasteful’ photography and it’s infamous centerfolds.

This new direction by the magazine certainly changed the ball-game and this blogger began seeing things in a completely different light. For starters I started thinking of other potential female doodles, anime, cartoons (basically anything that was drawn!) who could be future Playboy centerfolds.

Here’s a list (in increasing order of preference) of some toons that I think would make for some cool covers and centerfolds!

The one-eyed mutant from Futurama (also from the creator of The Simpsons!) sure packs a mean punch on the show. But when it comes to being a seductive diva, this future gal is a one wicked cat!

The blue-skinned blonde female smurf is perhaps the most sought after in Smurfville. Wonder what would happen if she did the full-monty. What say Papa Smurf?


Olive Oyl
The ‘voluptuous’ love-interest of our very Popeye has been the object of contention between the sailor man and his rival, Bluto. Imagine what would happen if they got to really see their gal!


Betty Boop
Ah, a vintage toon finally. For all those who enjoy experienced and mature women, you can’t go wrong with this lovely lass from the 1930s

Jessica Rabbit
And finally we have a true contender for the next centerfold, the absolutely stunning, dazzlingly beautiful and incredibly sultry wife of Roger Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabit? With her on the cover, who needs anything else!

So if you see any of these toon divas on an issue of Playboy, you know who to thank!

PS: Do tell me which other famous toon you’d like to see make the pages of Playboy by leaving a comment to this post.

One thought on “PlayTOONS

  1. Adi says:

    The list is endless, just a peek at the DC and Marvel characters would ensure that the centerfolds for the next 5 years are booked…..but its a bit strange to see Olive in your list of Toons…….


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