A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Dateline: October 9th 2009; Location The US of A: One day, three events, each as different as can be from the other, yet equally bizarre and newsworthy.

The day began with the anticipated NASA mission to bombard the surface of the moon with the LCROSS spacecraft. The impact was to happen at around 1700 hrs IST and pretty much was on schedule.
The mission objective was to uncover the presence of any water-ice. Why you ask? Well the presence of water in any form could prove useful to sustain life on the earth’s natural satellite, thereby allowing colonization. Sounds very philmy, yet could be considered a major breakthrough if accomplished and who knows, you grand-children might just be able to send you to the moon literally!

The second bit of news, which started making it’s way through the Internet (courtesy Twitter!) was the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2009, to the nine-month President Of The United States, Barack Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” The diplomat that he is, President Obama was quick to mention that the award was less about recognition and more about a call to action. Yeah Right! This decision has obviously met with vast criticism by many. In fact if you do a search for “Obama Nobel Peace Prize” on Google, you get a search prompt for jokes on the topic and some of these are pretty hilarious!

But the most hilarious piece of news that surfaced yesterday (of which I learnt only this morning!) was that Marge Simpson, the blue haired mother of “The Simpsons” fame will be posing for the November Issue of Playboy! Although it will be a non-nude centerfold spread, the fact is that a cartoon will be featured on the cover of Playboy! I can just imagine the fans going ga-ga over the prospect of viewing their favorite cartoon mom, do the Full Monty! More on this particular piece of news later, because this definitely deserves a separate post!

So there you have it, three very different stories from the Land Of Opportunity!

2 thoughts on “A Day That Will Live In Infamy

  1. Mihir says:

    I didn't know that playboy bit.
    Funny… it's a parody of the Playboy cover which first featured an African-American woman, a big controversy at that time 😀


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