Blame It On Rio!

Even as the citizens of Rio celebrate the IOC’s decision to host the 2016 Olympics in their city, closer home, in Delhi, the powers that be are struggling to meet the deadlines for the 2010 Common Wealth Games. With a day less than a whole year (that’s 364 days in case you were wondering!), many of the planned projects are way behind schedule. 

The tensions are apparent as government officials are touring the project sites personally to get the true status at the ground level. Interruptions are present at all levels of preparations. Work on the new stadia, increasing the city’s hotel accommodations, connecting the various venues, housing proper medical infrastructure are some of the prime concerns which are yet to be finalized or in some cases even established. 

The work underway in the national capital will result in a more urbanized and infrastructure sound metropolis. With 47 fly-overs, additional AC buses, new routes for the metro and mush more, Delhi is all set for a major make-over for the mega sporting event, which will sustain long after the games end. But the flowery image is far from reality and is haunted by many constraints ranging from financial to the political.

The last major international event of any note that the city hosted were the Asiad Games in 1982. Clearly the large void in between has been a cause for the “Kumbhakarana” approach for this event. It’s time the officials and authorities got their act straight and started crossing some milestones instead of indulging in bureaucratic debates and blame games.

The clock is ticking and the world is watching. So, here’s hoping that the people that matter do what matters most!

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