Twitter Critter

Yet another social networking web-site to invade our lives – Twitter!

What began with Orkut, Hi5, myspace and reached a dizzying frenzy with facebook, has now seen the emergence of multiple social networking sites. So powerful is the force of online networking that it prompted companies to begin specialized networking sites, focussing on professional and technological (and god knows what else!) interests.

So what’s so special about twitter? It offers nothing new, in fact, in terms of functionality, it is clearly akin to the ubiquitous “status” update feature on facebook. No special applications, no photo-albums, no info page! All it has is a little text box which can cram a maximum of 140 characters and a question on top which reads “What are you doing?”! I mean what was the big idea about dedicating an entire site to status updates!!!

But after using the micro-blogging site, quite fervently, I have done a 180! Twitter is absolutely wonderful! I am addicted, hooked and completely enamoured by this latest web offering! I also have an application, Tweets60! for my symbian phone. I keep updating my status, even post my thoughts and generally shout out my comments on what ever grabs my attention (hmmm does this mean my blog’s gonna get jealous of twitter!). But seriously, I can’t help myself as i keep refreshing my mobile device’s twitter application seeking out new tweets to retweet and tweet some of my own! Now I am a complete twitter-critter!

Twitter, although not brand new, is relatively fresh for Indian audiences (I say this coz most of my facebook friends are not using twitter yet!). But am sure after a certain minister’s faux pas, the nation witnessed a flurry of desis twittering away!
However it’s sure to pick up and is also poised to give competition to the current hot social-networking site, facebook. Although primarily designed to post simple updates, thoughts, comments, twitter also offers, albeit through third-party applications, options to upload pics, songs and videos. There are plenty of apps that can empower your twitter presence, (some even as inane as finding out if the International Space Station is above your city!).

Whether or not twitter becomes the next facebook or has an app list to put the itunes app store to shame, this bloke is happy to be part of the twitterati!

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