The Indian Elections ’09

They must’ve done something right in the last five years, because they’re back with a bang. Yes the Indian Election Results are out and the UPA has been re-elected into government!

The winning alliance secured 256 seats in the LS polls. Their challengers, the NDA came a distanct second with 164 seats. The UPA secured leads in most of the larger states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, strenghtening their hold over newer constituencies.

However the Congress alone,with 200 seats, is a formidable presence in the Lok Sabha. This dominance translates into the much needed freedom to take decisions without the interferene and demands of their allies within the UPA. In fact the degree of their dominance suggests that this time around the pesky allies would have no option but to fall in line. For the people this would hopefully mean a leaner and more efficient governement.

Interestingly, statistics show that the voter turn out this time around has been abyssmally low. This could suggest that the re-election of the UPA is a sign of apathy and the unwillingness of the people of this nation to vote for a change. One can only hope that the new, or rather old governemnt makes good of it’s second innings and brings about some much required changes.

Re-electing an administration, that has been successful in it’s previous term, is always a good thing. But the measure of success is rather subjective and may be percieved differently by different people. That’s what they call democracy! So it remains to be seen whether the re-election fo the UPA is in fact an indicator of its past performance and future potential or simply choosing the lesser of two evils!

Anyhow, the histrionics, pomp and chaos of the elections are over and finally the tamasha has come to an end…or has it?

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