Movie Review-Life in a METRO

Failed marriages, infidelity, sleazy bosses, and abusive relationships, that’s what Life in a Metro is all about! Well not entirely, Anurag Basu’s tale of urban relationships explores the many facets of man-woman relationships.

Life in a Metro is an ensemble movie that looks into the complexities of relationships in a metropolitan setting. The stories of the many characters are fatefully intertwined as each is connected to the other in some manner.

The cast includes Shilpa Shetty, Kay Kay Menon, Irfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Sharman Joshi, Kangana Ranaut, Shiney Ahuja, Nafisa Ali and Dharmendra (this seems to be his comeback flick before Anil Sharma’s ‘Apne’ with his sons).

Shilpa and Kay Kay are the married couple with a child who seem to have lost their love for each other over the years. Constant quarrels have made them grow apart with the husband finding solace in the arms of a younger employee (Kangana Ranaut) at work.

Sharman Joshi is an ambitious young lad, who is willing to go any lengths to fulfill his dream, and also has a secret crush on Kangana’s character. Meanwhile Kangana’s room-mate, Konkona Sen Sharma, who also happens to be Shilpa Shetty’s sister, is a 30 –year virgin who is still waiting for that illusionary Mr. Right! Irfan Khan is the practical, sometimes eccentric, average Joe, looking for a suitable bride, and thinks he’s found one in Konkona. Nafisa Ali is Shilpa’s old dance teacher who finds love for the second time with her college sweetheart, Dharmendra. Shiney Ahuja is the struggling theatre actor who makes Shilpa feel loved once again.

The movie showcases many brutal realities about modern relationships, which might make you take notice of your own relation with your significant other. Although there are many aspects that have been stereotyped. There are no good or bad guys in the movie, (although there are times when you feel like kicking the philandering Kay Kay in the crotch!); everyone is purley a victim of circumstance (hmmm where have I used that comment before….?).
However, the movie is essentially a feel-good movie at the end, with most of the loose ends being tied-up.

There are many scenes that stir up a frenzy of emotions among the audiences. The one where Irfan and Konkona are at the roof-top and are screaming to let go off their frustrations and Konkona begins to cry during her wailing yell is a good example.

The movie is shot in the mother of all Indian metropolises, Mumbai, during the monsoons (a welcome retreat from the hot summer!) and highlights some of the many beautiful locales of the city beautifully. The use of real railway stations, bus-stops and streets give the movie a more authentic feel. The use of lights to reflect the characters emotions and inner feelings are brilliant. (Check out the scene when Shilpa and Shiney are alone at Shiney’s room!).

Performances by all the cast members are great. The usual suspects are of course, Kay Kay, Sharman, Konkona and Irfan; however Shilpa steals the show on more than one occasion. Irfan’s comic timing is phenomenal; his subtle dialogue delivery, coupled with his unique style redefines comedy.

The Music is fabulous, with each song composed and sung by Pritam and his band. The songs have strong influences of Indian Rock, which gives it a fresh new beat. My personal favorite is the romantic number ‘In Dino…’.

As an ensemble movie, Life in a Metro is far more mature than most movies in this genre and does a good job of justifying the many different characters in the script.

My verdict, *** stars; worth a watch.

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