Movie Review-Ta Ra Rum Pum

Ta Ra Rum Pum is the second movie by director Siddharth Anand after his take on pre marital relationships in his directorial debut Salam Namaste.
Set in the city of New York, TRRP is the story of Rajveer Singh, fondly called RV and his family.

RV is a NASCAR pit crew member (a tyre changer to be precise), who is a ‘live in the moment’ guy and doesn’t bother planning ahead. A chance meeting with Javed Jafferry’s character (a lovable Gujju cabbie) gets RV a spot as a race driver for a losing team managed by Jafferry. In the meantime he falls in love with Rani Mukherjee’s character, the daughetr of a a rich business tycoon, who is constantly planning and thnking about the future. RVs personal life and professional life take off and he soon becomes the country’s top race and also raises two kids (a daughter, Princess and a son Champ, hmm interesting names).
Life is all sunshine and happiness till one day an accident during one of RV’s races renders him incompetent as a racer. Despite recovering physically from the accident, RV loses his edge and thus starts his losing streak. As a result RV and his family lose all their money and forced to face hard times. The story is essentially how the family overcomes the many obstacles and find hope in each other.

The story is not that unique, but Siddharth has managed to bring a fresh look at the subject of family bonding during a crisis. What si great is the fact that unlike many other racing movies in Bollywood, TRRP manages to make the racing aspect of the movie an integral part of the overall plot. However many liberties have been taken i the name of dramatic licecne. In a way, the movie is Days of Thunder meets Chalte Chalte meets Hum Hain Rahein Pyar Ke all rolled into one.

The performances by the lead couple are great. The chemistry between the two is fabulous, and the children are absolutely adorable. Javed Jafferry as always manages to tickle our funny bone with his unique style of comedy.

The filming of the race sequences are brilliant and almost at par with Hollywood flicks. Another thing that made me take notice was the animation sequence for the title track. Bollywood animation ahs come a long way since Raju Chacha.

The music of the movie is nothing out of the ordinary. Vishal and Shekhar could have done better. However the background score during the racing sequences is awesome and has a great beat.

My verdict: Worth a watch

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