300 – Movie Review

“Give them nothing, but take from them …Everything!”

300 is the story of the anciet battle of Thermophylae, where the Spartan King Leonidis with his army of 300 warriors fought to death against the tyrannical Xerxes and his massive Persian army.
An earlier movie, “The 300 Spartans” has already captured this historical battle. However Zack Snyder’s epic is based on the comic-book adaptation by Frank Miller (of Sin City fame), and takes the audience through a more gory and jazzed up version.

The exhilarating action sequences have been beautifully choreographed. The battle sequences are full of gory decapitations and numerous gruesome killings, giving a truly authentic feel. the artistic and ballet-like use of spear, sword and sheild coupled with a killer background score, the battle sequences are an absolute treat!

Those who think that 300 is only about action, are mistaken, for the movie dedicates a considerable portion of its storyline to depict the political games that were rampant in the “democracy” of Ancient Greece. One can’t help but think if the evils rampant in our present democratic scenario were are fact seeded in this era….

Gerard Butler as the Spartan King Leonidis is convincing as a leader and warrior, but I couldn’t help but notice his thick accent on many occassions. Dominic West as the cunning politician Theron does a great job. The casting of Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes may sound absurd but is pulled of brilliantly on-screen.

The visuals in the movie are breathtaking.Although most of the sequences have been rendered by CGI. The rampant use of color to highlight the background are probably to recreate the comic-book experience and are aesthetic.

The movie is a must watch to witness some of the most best battle sequences in recent times.
My verdict *** 1/2 stars

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